Pokémon UNITE is no longer a Nintendo Switch exclusive title. From now on, as announced more than a year ago, this Pokémon MOBA It can be played both on smartphones and on the console of the great N. In addition, all players, whether they are Nintendo, iOS or Android, will be able to enjoy this title completely in Spanish, a functionality that was not available during its first months of life.

Slowly, Pokémon UNITE is settling within its genre. After its first two months on Switch, in which the interface was in English and many of the Pokémon had pending rebalancing work, this title takes an important step by adding languages ​​to its screens and showing constant updates to buff and nerf to many of the Pokemon. In addition, this big change coincides with the start of Season 2 within the game, which includes multiple changes and added elements, such as a much cleaner interface, new rewards and skins for our Pokémon and avatar.

The Pokémon Unite website highlights the following news with the most recent update:

  • Cross-play is enabled so Switch and smartphone players can play together.

  • Too we can use the Nintendo Switch account for mobile, linking all our progress between both devices.

  • Player access to item upgrades has been made easier and the super item enhancer, which is used to promote them to level 30.

  • There will be new objects that will expand the range of strategies in the game.

  • A new battle pass.

  • The Unite Teams, which will allow us to be part of a permanent group to more easily find specific players.

  • Limited features have been added in a new Spectator mode.

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There is no doubt that Pokémon UNITE continues to work hard to improve the existing title. With the language support, the rebalancing of Pokémon, and the news that we have just indicated, this free-to-play is focused on continue to grow rapidly over the next few months.

Pokémon Unite is now available on mobile and with Spanish translation

▪ Release date: 07/21/2021