Pokémon Legends Arceus presented a 13-minute gameplay days after its launch

Pokémon Legends Arceus presented a 13-minute gameplay days after its launch

Pokémon Legends Arceus is coming out very shortly, and from Nintendo they published a 13-minute gameplay throughout the Hisui region. The details in the note.

From Nintendo They released the first trailer where we can see what the gameplay from Pokemon Legends Arceus, game that will be released on January 28. Within this gameplay we were able to see some details about the pokémon, the battle system, the captures and much more.

Pokémon Legends Arceus will be a completely different game than what we are used to Pokemon Company. In Hisui, the region of the game, we will not have medals, but a story to complete in the best semi-open world style.

pokemon behavior

The most important thing in this game will be the behavior that the Pokémon will have, in addition to knowing how to differentiate them. There are three types of Pokémon: the wild, the alpha and the stately pokémon. Wild pokémon are the classics of all life, although they will all have different natures when you approach them, since some will run away from you, others will ignore you and others will attack you.

As for the alpha Pokémon, they will be creatures with red eyes and more powerful than normal. These pokémon are catchable, although they are very difficult to get, so you will have to lower a lot of life before throwing a pokéball at it.Pokemon Legends Arceus

Finally, the stately pokémon will be some bosses of the game, which are enraged destroying the region. Our objective will be to appease them, not in pokémon battles, but avoiding their blows and throwing them calmspheres.

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Sbattle system

Hisui will not have confrontations against trainers, basically because at that time the pokeball. What we will have will be battles cPokemon Legends Arceus

Once inside the combat, we will have the option to use the strong style or fast style. If we choose the fast style, we can hit 2 times before our goal. However, if we want to do more damage, we will have to choose the strong style option.

The region

The Hisui region has an infinite number of biomes and different pokémon within it. As we well know, this region will later be known as Sinnoh, so we can see the Mount Crown on the horizon

The curious thing about the game is that the map will be “unlocked” as we progress through the story. For that we will have to increase the pokémon fields in the pokedex that the teacher gives us lavender.

Pokemon Legends Arceus


Outside of the fighting, we will have the main story as part of the research division. In addition, we will have access to both main story missions and secondary ones.

Both parcels as requests are missions requested by the inhabitants of Jubilee Villa and Hisui in general. The encomiendas are those that allow you to progress in the main story, while the requests are side quests to get items. Be careful not to fall weakened against a pokémon, since in that case you will lose knowledge and some items. Speaking of items, they can be obtained throughout the region, be it from trees, stones, grass, or by defeating wild Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends Arceus will be available from January 28 exclusively for Switch.