Pokémon Go player is murdered in Mexico

Pokémon Go player is murdered in Mexico

Although it is no longer so present on the map, pokemon go remains a great source of profit for Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, which is why community events are still held. However, it hasn’t all been happy in recent days, as fans mourn the sad fate of one player.

a young man named Edgar Paredes Tellowho was enjoying the video game community day, unfortunately died in the city of Puebla, this due to an assault. According to the testimonies, the assailants tried to take his cell phone, but he had a chain so they could not do it right away and in response they stabbed him twice.

It is so Edgar He was taken to a nearby social security hospital, a place where they could not revive him, resulting in the death of the young man in the middle of the emergency room.

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Given this, some made the boy’s case known, including the psychology faculty of the BUAPthis through different social networks, one of them being Facebook.

On the other hand, the people who knew him as the user tello2803 in pokemon go gave him a farewell tribute, sharing anecdotes and announcing that one of his favorite creatures was Oddish shiny. In addition, friends and family began to demand justice for this inhumane act, just for trying to take a cell phone.

editor’s note: Without a doubt, crime does not stop in any sector of the world, it even gets more serious as the years go by, but there is not much that can be done in the face of these events. Hopefully those responsible for the crime are found by the corresponding authorities.

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