Plugs with USB: these are the best you can buy | Technology

Plugs with USB: these are the best you can buy |  Technology

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If you want to save yourself having to look for a power adapter in your house to connect your mobile and charge the battery, these USB plugs will make your life easier.

It goes without saying that practically everyone is aware of their mobile, but it is worse to be aware of a plug to connect your mobile and that the battery is recharged. And if you always have to carry a mobile phone charger with you or have problems finding one at home, one solution is the sockets with USB.

These simple plugs, which plug into a traditional socket, make thieves with USB to add one or several extra outlets, as well as USB connections to connect your mobile, tablet, battery or any device.

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They are not only cheap USB sockets, they are the simplest solution when you need to connect several devices to the same light socket.

And we are not only talking about mobiles that need to be recharged. Products such as surveillance cameras that use a USB cable and a power adapter, with these plugs you save the charger. The same goes for smart speakers or streaming players.

These are the best plugs you can find right now on Amazon. Not only do they not remove the traditional plug, they expand connectivity with more plugs or USB ports.

Thief plug with 3 sockets and 3 USB Tessan for €23.49

Plug 3 + 3 Tessan

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Powercube with 2 USB for €13.99

Power cube with 2 USB

Plug with 1 outlet and 2 USB Tessan for €15.99

Plug 2 +1 Tessan

Energeeks, WiFi smart plug with consumption meter and 2 USB ports for €15.99

Energeeks Plug

Thief cube with 3 USB, 2 sockets and Kinglink LED light for €21.99

Kinglink Thief Plug

Thief plug with 3 sockets and 2 USB Tessan for €17.41

Thief 2 + 3 Tessan

Plug with 1 socket, 3 USB and 1 USB-C Lencent for €17.99

Plug 4 +1 Lencent

Plug with 2 sockets and 2 USB Tessan for €14.49

Plug 2 + 2 Tessan

Vertical plug with 2 outlets and 2 USB Jeroyal for €9.99

Vertical plug 2 + 2 Jeroyal

Vertical plug with 3 sockets and 2 USB Lencent for €12.74

Plug 3 + 2 Lencent

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