Plaza Carso has a “secret place” and architectural success is exposed

Plaza Carso has a “secret place” and architectural success is exposed

A study of Valassis projected by eMarketer found what were the main reasons why the consumer visited a shopping center and of six listed, in two of them they argued that for mere entertainment or recreation. The study conducted in 2018 led 24 percent to acknowledge that they valued a mall, because they enjoyed going out with family and friends. Another 19 percent said they loved these places because they enjoyed having a full day of food and entertainment. Like these 24 and 19 percent, respectively, a consumer was able to make her passion for going to a specific place in carso squarewill add more than a million reproductions on TikTok, where Deus Lobato said to find, the “Secret place” from the most famous shopping center in Polanco.

@deuslobato Secret spot in Polanco #polanco #foryou #for you #viral #mexico🇲🇽 ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots


Four years after it was conducted a study by Valassisto find out what motivated the consumer to go to a shopping center, a woman continues to go for the same reasons that motivated her to go before the contingency and in her case it is to spend the moment in a space that pays for this demand for experience that motivates you to visit such a place.

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For the TikTok user, it was essential that Plaza Antara had a Roof Top, which can be consulted in the plans that the store has published on its website.

Like her, there is a very interesting case that also confessed why she went to a shopping center. In April of this year, J Turcios went to a Mexican shopping center and concluded that Artz Pedregal was superior to shopping centers like Soho in Panamawhich have required investment sums in its construction of up to 360 million dollars.

There are specific situations that are consolidating the importance of the shopping center and its physical space, based on the demand it has before the consumer. In both cases, these are facts that draw attention to a key point and that is the importance that it has for the simple fact of lending itself to having leisure in its spaces, as 40 percent confessed to the “Statista Survey Shopping Malls & Retail Clinics 2018”assuring that it was the second reason why they went to a center of this type.


The shopping center continues to be an important physical space for the consumer and just as they enjoy going for leisure or to spend time with family and friends, there are certain spaces in the centers, which they value for this situation, therefore, a shopping center is relevant , to the extent that you have these areas.

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