PlayStation would present its new subscription service in a few days

PlayStation would present its new subscription service in a few days

Apparently, we are in the countdown to officially know what will be the answer of PlayStation to Xbox Game Pass. As published Bloomberg, Sony would introduce its new subscription service “as soon as next week”. And although the specific date is not yet confirmed, this new data is in line with what was known until now.

Thus, the Japanese corporation would reveal what is already considered an open secret in the industry. In the past we have already spoken several times about spartacusas this new PlayStation proposal is internally identified, and the possibility that it would be presented during March was already on the table.

For now, no new information has been leaked regarding what the service would include that would aim to rival Xbox Game Pass, one of Microsoft’s great successes. Sony’s intention would be to present an alternative that merges many of the features that are currently part of its existing services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

In fact, it has also been mentioned that it will present three subscription levels with different types of content and, therefore, different prices. The most recent report on the subject puts the focus back on the presence of popular games from the PlayStation catalog, along with the most recent releases on the platform.

As it became known in February, the entry level to the new Sony service would be called Essential; it would be very similar to what the company currently offers on PlayStation Plus, with a monthly cost of $9.99. The other two variants —supposedly baptized Extra and Premium— would include PS4 and PS5 games, but the big difference would be that the highest tier would offer access to classic titles, game streaming from the cloud, and limited-time trials; they would cost $13 and $16 per month, respectively.

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PlayStation wants to stand up to Xbox Game Pass

Since the talk of Spartacus began, PlayStation fans have been eagerly awaiting news about this service. It is that Sony seems to be making a very important bet in its eagerness to replicate the success of Xbox Game Pass. After all, Microsoft already has around 25 million active users on its subscription service.

We will also see if the launch of this new service effectively implies the unification of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, under the name of the first. It is more than clear that it is still impossible to know if it will be an immediate success, but public interest is undeniable. Everything will depend on what added value Sony can give to this renewed proposal, to make it truly attractive to users (and their pockets).

If the Japanese only see this as an option to sell packages of old games at exaggerated prices, in the best Nintendo Switch Online style, we cannot predict a very promising future. Now, if they transform this service into something that encourages players to want to be part of it – that games are available in the cloud simultaneously with their physical and digital launch, for example – the story will be different.

For now, we must wait a little longer. If the prediction of Bloomberg is correct, our doubts regarding the new PlayStation service should be resolved next week.