PlayStation works on 2 unannounced games as a service

PlayStation works on 2 unannounced games as a service

This Thursday Sony made a presentation for its investors, where Jim Ryan took the opportunity to talk about the company’s plans for the coming years. The SIE president said he considers MLB The Show 22 a game as a serviceand the company is working on two more unannounced ones made by PlayStation Studios.

In its presentation, Sony showed the portfolio of the latest games from playstation studios that it has launched, including nine single-player experiences and one game-as-a-service, with MLB The Show 22. In projections for the next few years, we see that Sony plans to increase the number of games-as-a-service considerably.

Sony is looking to increase the number of games as services they offer.

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According to the presentation, Sony plans to have 3 games as a service for the fiscal year 2022, so it is working on two still unannounced that they would be released during the course of the year. By fiscal year 2025, Sony expects to have 12 games as services made by PlayStation Studios.

According to VGC, an analyst asked him if the two titles still unannounced for this year include Bungie’s Destiny, which they are about to acquire, but Jim Ryan said that “Destiny is not included in the 3 games scheduled for the fiscal year. 2022”. In the presentation, Ryan said that Sony considers games as a service “games without end.”

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During this same presentation, it was revealed that Sony expects half of its new releases by 2025 to be from new intellectual properties, so of the 12 games as a service planned for this year half could be original ideas.

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