So as not to have to be diving among the hundreds of games that make up the Halloween deals and November deals from the PlayStation Store To find those bargains at knockdown prices, PlayStation has seen fit to create a third category of offerings: games for less than 15 euros. A selection of over 200 PS4 and PS5 games at an irresistible price.

As always, to enjoy the offers, you have to go to the PlayStation Store website and log in with your usual account. There you can find this incredible collection of games with discounts of up to 75% that it has games for all tastes and for all audiences. Whether they are lovers of shooters, RPGs, platforms or family games, there is an ideal proposal for everyone.

Among more than 200 games we can find bargains on AAA and AA games such as Metro Exodus for 8.99 euros or Saints Row IV: Re-Elected for 4.99 euros, the same price at which we will find NFS: Heat, although, the ones that win the most in this selection of games for less than 15 euros are the independent games. Among dozens and dozens of names, games such as Spelunky 2 for 11.99 euros, Streets of Rage 4 for 14.99 euros, Night in the Woods for 14.39 euros, The Last Campfire for 5.99 euros, Doki Doki Literature stand out. Club Plus! for 9.99 euros, My Friend Pedro for 9.99 euros, or Super Meat Boy for 3.99 euros, a cult game where they exist.

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This is just a small sample of the more than 200 games that will be on sale for less than 15 euros until next November 11. Do not forget to take a look at the complete catalog, we may not have mentioned the game you were looking for or it may be in the general offers section with the rest of the games on sale for the month of November.