PlayStation removes annual subscription to PS Now

PlayStation removes annual subscription to PS Now

With the arrival of the new PSPlus In the middle of this year, many fans have been concerned about the price of this service. In this way, an exploit was revealed yesterday that allowed many users to get a subscription to the most expensive category at half price using PS Now. However, this was not to the liking of PlayStation, who have abruptly eliminated the annual payment method for PS Now.

It all started thanks to an exploit in the browser PS Store, where users were allowed to buy a one-year PS Now subscription for $60, while PS Plus Premium will cost twice as much. In this way, once the new service arrives in June, all these people would have the best service at only half the price. However, this is already impossible, since the annual subscription through the browsers has been eliminated, leaving only the option of monthly payments.

While PS Now subscribers will automatically upgrade to the Premium tierexisting PS Plus users will be upgraded to the Essential tier at no additional cost. PlayStation is not the only one suffering from this problem, as Xbox users have also found a way to get Game Pass subscriptions at low prices, although this company has not tried to eliminate this type of act.

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Editor’s note:

This was to be expected. There have been cases where some users got up to six years of PS Now, which will convert to a six-year subscription to PS Plus Premium at only half the price. This will not be the last time we hear something like this, players always find a way to take advantage, and pay the minimum.

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PlayStation removes annual subscription to PS Now

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