PlayStation Plus Premium confirms new classic PS1 and PSP games

PlayStation Plus Premium confirms new classic PS1 and PSP games


PlayStation Plus had been stagnant for years, with many accusing Sony’s service of not knowing how to evolve and accommodatewhich has meant that, at the same time that Xbox Game Pass increased its numbers exponentially, the Japanese company had to make a move, announcing that PlayStation Plus would be completely renewed.

Thus, from June 22 in Europe we will receive this service updatewhich will allow us to access three different subscription levels to be able to access a greater or lesser catalog of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which also includes here a series of classic PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 titlesalthough in the latter case it is streaming games.

Having said all of the above, knowing that Sony has already shared a list of all the games available at launch, with the big surprise being the inclusion of Ubisoft titlesit seems that it is not going to stay there, since a Resetera thread would have revealed that more classic games are on the way.

Four new titles are added to PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus will have 3 different subscriptions: Essential, Extra and Premium.

In this way, it has been known that players who acquire the Premium level will be able to access four more titles, three of them being from PS1 and one from PSP, these being the following:

  • Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey (PS1)
  • Worms Armageddon (PS1)
  • Worms World Party (PS1)
  • Ridge Racer 2 (PSP)
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It is worth mentioning that these are games that will come to us in its remastered version in addition to the fact that some could even include trophies, which can be an incentive to revisit classic titles, but with the aim of reaching 100%.

For the rest, it must be said that at the moment it is unknown what the performance of this new service will be, since, despite everything critics have not been lackingboth because of the list of games that has been given, which is described by many as insufficient, as well as the fact that PS3 games cannot be played like the rest of the consoles that are available on the service.

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