PlayStation Plus: How to change the region on PS4 and PS5?

PlayStation Plus: How to change the region on PS4 and PS5?

Although Sony clarifies that PlayStation does not have an official option to migrate the region of your account, we bring you some alternative methods for you to try.

One of the main wishes of the players of PlayStation is to be able to change the country the accounts they have. Without official support Sony For a situation like this, from geeky culture We will show you some options.

Initially, the easiest way to change region is by creating a new account. By getting the data that the page requires, each player can open a accounts to see both the available games and the special prices for each region. And yes, she is the most unpleasant because you do not take your achievements and others with you. You can keep both, yes.


The main thing to carry out a new account is, first, remember the details of the accounts that you regularly use, since you have to log out. Once in the account creation menu, you must choose the option to make a new user, locating it in the region you want.

Then comes the most tedious part and no one reads: the terms and conditions. Once accepted, PlayStation will ask you if this is the first time you use this service, to which we will reply that affirmatively.


Something important to keep in mind is that for the section on personal informationit is essential to choose true streets and postal code of the region where they want to joinfor this, we recommend using the search engine Google and lean on Google Maps for addresses to enter.

In this way, by having your account officially opened in another part of the world, you will be able to access benefits such as free games in the region, their special prices, among other things. Nevertheless, then we will give an option for those looking for another alternative.

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VPN: a variant usually pays, a bit complicated, but effective

Although this is not useful for Argentine users who want to migrate their North American or Spanish account to Argentina to have the price benefits of PS Plus Latam, the second option that we will present will be through the use of VPNs. The service offered by this type of tool is to be able to use a IP from another country, so the application will simulate that you are in a different region than the one you are currently in.

Originally, as you can imagine, it is not possible to connect a VPN directly to your PlayStation but, if there are methods to bind it to your router or PC and from there link it with your console, although few are free. Let’s see how to do it:


vpn through a router: once you check that both your connection to Internet like your capabilities vpn, in terms of data flow capacity, are in conditions, the next thing will be enter your settings router as administrator from your browser open the options vpn you have and go to advanced options.

From there, select the customer vpn, since we seek to connect to it, not provide us with a hosting. The next thing will be to configure the options, which are normally optimized, but you should still Choose from where in the world you want to appear.


already with you vpn linked to you router, the next step involves your console. Via menu PlayStationlook for the connection options to Internetchoose WIFI without using proxy and try to connect, if they are successful, they will be able to enter another region normally, without leaving your home.

Why do you think that Sony Doesn’t it have its own option for changing regions? It is strange that PlayStation has not taken action in this regard, given that both in XBOX like Nintendo can be donebut with certain time regulations.