PlayStation could celebrate a new event in a big way 2022

PlayStation could celebrate a new event in a big way 2022

With the year beginning, the door opens to various possibilities and expectations about what it could bring us. And yes, the year has just begun, but the rumors related to the world of video games have already begun to arrive.

We try to be enthusiastic and want to find out a bit about what’s coming to our favorite consoles and platforms in the future.

And without a doubt, a company that the community always wants to know more about is PlayStation, who has already given us the good news that in the first half of the year he will seek to delight with releases such as Horizon Forbidden West Y Gran Turismo 7, the reality is that little is known about their plans for the second quarter of 2022

The community wants to know more, and information about future projects is always something that Sony usually reserves for its events, it is for that reason, that many will be excited to know that, according to a couple of informants, there will be a new transmission focused on PlayStation that could be yet to come.

We say it because recently, AccountNGT, a well-known informant commented on twitter that he heard that a new event of PlayStation will arrive at the beginning of the year, to which later, he assured that Tom henderson, another insider, confirmed that the event of PlayStation it will be held soon and he even called it an “open secret”.

Now, for your part, Henderson published a tweet in which he pointed out that everything indicates that the event of Sony could be held in February, and thus connecting the dots, we would be a matter of weeks before this event is revealed and celebrated by PlayStation.

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Something that we certainly have to highlight is that Tom henderson ensures that the next event of Sony It will be a State of Play. If you usually tune in to these broadcasts, you know very well that they are not strange to disappoint the community by leaving them wanting more. For this reason we do not blame you if you prefer to take things in measure if the event is confirmed.

And well, we must also point out that, although it will be a State of Play, Henderson believes he has the potential to be a great one, more still there is no certainty and this only time will tell.

We only ask that, as always, you consider this as a possibility, a rumor or a possibility, although the note comes from Tom henderson, who has proven trustworthy in the past.

What might increase the chances of making this happen, is that the last State of Play It was in October 2021 there has not been an event of this type, and take into account that during the last year, Sony celebrated the State of Play every 2 or 3 months, so one in late January or early February would make sense.