Planting the seed for the new pharma generation

Planting the seed for the new pharma generation

The industry that one day was afraid of digitization, today breathes a revolutionary atmosphere. And in the midst of that proactive spirit, more and more companies are talking about embracing new technologies and trends.

In his journey for more than 16 years, Middle Loft Latam has shown that when it comes to the pharmaceutical and health sector, continuous improvement knows no limitsthat the rethinking and specialization in strategies and tools for the industry, is a permanent effort.

For Loft, the transformation, adoption and creation of channels has been a constant since before the pandemic, because when working for and with the health of patients, the development of solutions cannot wait.

With the social commitment that characterizes them, Loft is an agency that deals with marketing pharmacy as an opportunity to make society a co-participant and co-creator of the new health promotion and education models, generating a multidirectional relationship between patients and everyone who is part of the value chain in healthcare. And that’s when the word innovation and leadership take on another meaning.

The virtue of being different

The strategic and disruptive approach that has characterized Loft is not only focused on how much technology is made available to the players that make up this industry, but also on the way in which they manage to turn each obstacle into an opportunity.

This is how they take the parameters and restrictions of the sector as a motivator to implement a culture of ideation, being perhaps the only agency of marketing pharmacy which has an innovation area for the development of tools that take its clients to the top.

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Opening new portals for the industry

For some time now, the trend of customer engagementbut this today poses a new challenge: the diversification of channels, and makes us ask ourselves, how to increase the engagement using the different channels in an orchestrated way?

In its constant exploration, Loft has recognized omnichannel as a powerful means to establish deep conversations that contribute to the fulfillment of its clients’ objectives. But they also surprise with an enormous capacity to create new media that allow pharmaceutical companies to add interactions with their customers, in a safe and effective way. Right now, Loft is developing Lipper®, a platform that will allow the safe integration of the channel most used by doctors and most underutilized by the industry, into its strategies omni channel.

start from within

Continuous training is another key element in this industry. Therefore, Loft has developed a tool to boost motivation and learning.

Gameif®, is an app developed in 2018 to increase the potential of work teams and make training faster, more fun and with better results, through gamification and microlearning.

There is always an alternative

For companies that are moving towards digitization, Loft has developed a proposal. Projecter®, an alternative to CLM tools such as Veeva or IQVIA, for companies or business units that need to implement e-detailing in a simple and less robust way, or that do not yet have such a high budget for it.

Cultivating innovation

With the vision to anticipate change, the flexibility to adapt to new ways, the ingenuity to break paradigms, and the persistence to be unwavering, Loft is planting the seed of a new generation in marketing. pharmacy.