Plant vs Undead has suffered some failures in its servers and its developers hope to solve them with the arrival of Farm 2.5 in Plant vs Undead. However, there is another measure to alleviate the loads on the Plant vs Undead servers and that is by organizing its users by groups so that they can play at certain times. But what if the game doesn’t assign you a group?

Currently Plant vs Undead organizes its players into 7 groups and normally the game assigns you a group when between 24 and 48 hours have passed since your registration in it. Even so, it is possible that after 48 hours of having registered in the game you do not have a group assigned, so today we will show you what you can do if Plant vs Undead says that your group is undefined.

How can you do if Plant vs Undead doesn’t assign you a group?

Plant vs Undead doesn't assign you a group? Find out how to fix it

There is a method to make Plant vs Undead assign you a group, however first we will show you how you can tell if the game has assigned you a group. The first thing you have to do is log into your Plant vs Undead account and log into “Farm”. When you enter “Farm” you will be able to see the group that is playing at that moment, the group you are in and what time you can enter to play.

Sometimes when you have just signed up for Plant vs Undead, the game tells you that you are in an undefined group and that you can start playing at a certain time. However, when you try to enter at the time that Plant vs Undead indicated, the game does not allow you to start playing

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Normally the game takes about 36 hours to assign you a group, but if more than 48 hours pass and you still don’t have a group you can do the following to clear the site cache:

  1. Right click when you are in “Farm”.
  2. Select “Inspect“.
  3. Click on the arrow that appears at the top of the menu that was displayed.
  4. Click on “Application“.
  5. Select “Storage” on the left side.
  6. Select “Clear site data“.

After doing what we indicated above, the entire Plant vs Undead cache will be erased. Now what you have to do is reload the website, log into the game and go to “Farm” to find out which group you have been assigned to. In case this has not worked for you after 48 hours of registering, it is best to contact the Plant vs Undead support area.

You should not worry about your money if the game does not assign you a group yet because if you have not been able to enter Plant vs Undead your PVUs are still in MetaMask. In any case, we recommend that you know everything you need to start playing Plant vs Undead before entering the game. It may also be useful to know how to play Plant vs Undead on Android.