In addition, the company will allow employees who have experienced some type of discrimination to speak about their experience.

Apparently, Pinterest has settled a lawsuit against him for gender and racial discrimination in the workplace. Said demand would have been filed by the company’s own shareholders, claiming that the company’s discrimination against women and racial minorities was damaging its reputation. It seems that the fact that it is something unacceptable was not enough for them to take the step.

NBC News has been the one who has echoed the news. According to reports, as pointed out from the aforementioned medium, Pinterest reportedly agreed to spend about $ 50 million to improve diversity and equity within the company. Also, with that agreement too allow former employees to speak out about discrimination, both gender and racial, that they have experienced within the company, even if they had some kind of confidentiality agreement. For now, no further details are known regarding the agreement reached by the platform.

Pinterest will invest about $ 50 million to improve diversity and equity in the company

It is worth mentioning that, the lawsuit was filed during November of last year and was directed against company executives. The shareholders who filed the lawsuit said that Pinterest was acting irresponsibly by doing nothing to address the “widespread allegations of racial and gender discrimination.” That complaint also accused the company’s CEO of “surrounding himself with men and marginalizing women who dared to challenge Pinterest’s white male leadership clique.”

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During that year, Several women reported that Pinterest paid them less than male employees, with some reporting racial discrimination and retaliation for speaking up. On the other hand, the company paid $ 20 million to former COO Françoise Brougher after she testified that she received less money than her male colleagues. In addition, it appears that Brougher was not invited to the important meetings and was fired for exposing the problems within the company.

The lawsuit was filed by the company’s shareholders in November last year.

The attorney for the former chief operating officer of Pinterest said, at the time, that, financial agreements can help companies avoid taking real responsibility for these matters, even if those agreements translate into higher payments or charitable donations. He mentioned this in the light of the fact that both Brougher and Pinterest reached an agreement to jointly donate more than $ 2 million to charities dedicated to supporting women and ethnic minorities in technology.

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