Malicious hackers use any technique to infect your device and that of a growing number of users. Today we talk about a WhatsApp version that promises to dye the pink app interface and that it is only intended to infect your mobile phone and that of your acquaintances. It is very dangerous and roams freely through WhatsApp groups and conversations. We already tell you: there is no WhatsApp Pink.

If you want to have the pink WhatsApp you are going to infect your mobile

Pink WhatsApp, the virus that infects your mobile and that of your friends

The “new” pink WhatsApp scam has been running around the application itself for some time. His goal is none other than to try fool inexperienced users who do not know how the application works, its changes or versions. Smartphones can do a thousand things, so it’s easy to think that changing the whatsapp color it is also possible.

The truth is that no, and much less with the method that is going viral. The thing begins by receiving a message from a contact on your agenda in which he promises that he has achieved change the color of your WhatsApp to pink. After the small text there is a link that you must enter in order to change the color.

The link leads to a page external to WhatsApp in which the download and subsequent installation of a file is requested APK. If the user falls into the trap and installs this file they will never see that the whatsapp color change to pink or no new app installed.

Pink WhatsApp, the virus that infects your mobile and that of your friends

This APK runs in the background trying collect information from your personal data and send it to a server, probably in an Asian country. But the thing does not end there, it also takes care of controlling your device to send that same message with the link to your entire agenda. Yes, the person who sent you that message is also infected.

Be careful, because this type of mobile virus They are capable of collecting information of all kinds stored on your device: bank details, emails, passwords and a long etcetera. If you receive these types of messages, it is best to warn the person who sent them and delete them from your device. Have WhatsApp Pink it is not something viable at the moment.

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