Pikmin Bloom Guide: How To Get Coins

Pikmin Bloom Guide: How To Get Coins

Pikmin Bloom has arrived for mobile devices, sharing many features with Pokémon GO. Not in vain do we talk about the fruit between Niantic and Nintendo, which allows us to collect the different Pikmin and make them bloom to help us in our tasks.

Thanks to them, we can also collect different materials such as flower petals, but we must not forget that for this we have to feed them. This is done through nectar and when it’s over we need to buy more with the coins. Due to their importance, in the following guide we leave you the way to obtain them.

How to get coins in Pikmin Bloom

As we said, the coins are used to feed the Pikmin through the nectar. When we start the game we have a small supply, but it runs out later. With them we can also buy the seedbeds that would become the incubators where our beings grow as we take steps.

There are two ways to get coins: free or paying. We get them for free if we go out for a walk or plant flowers. It is a slow method, but it has no cost. The ratio is not 1 step, 1 coin, but you have to go more distance.

The fast track is to spend real money to get the coins. The proportion would be the following:




0.99 euros


5.49 euros


10.99 euros


21.99 euros


43.99 euros


109.99 euros

Get coins by paying what it implies is that we accelerate the progress in the game. For example, we will have easier access to seedbeds that decrease the maturation time of the Pikmin and also, we can make them grow faster by having more nectar.

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