Crossovers are really interesting and fun, because they unite sagas that we love in a truly unique way, like this one from Dragon Ball with God of War or this really funny one from the Toriyama franchise with Scooby Doo characters. But if we talk about laugh ad nauseam, perhaps it is necessary to talk about the crossover that we have seen today and that has as its protagonist Piccolo from Dragon Ball, mixed in the universe of Rick and Morty, the animated series of fashion.

Under these lines you will see Piccolo turned into a pickle, an idea that has come from the great mind of Sonar-Zero on DeviantArt and that will not leave you indifferent. We do not know if this is the best crossover in the world, but we are about to affirm that it is one of the funniest we’ve seenAlthough not everyone will react to this Piccolian comedy in the same way.

A cucumber in the shape of Piccolo

What do you think of this Piccolo and Rick and Morty crossover? Do you like it or do you think it is too simple to be very funny? Call us short, but :: it has made us laugh a lot__.