There are many problems within the health system in our country and most have been exacerbated by the pandemic. As a result of this emergency, the lack of investment that this sector has received in recent decades became evident. Although the most serious thing is the deficit of doctors and elements from other areas that persists. This is such a serious issue that it will take several years to find a solution.

All the healthcare professionals needed

To get an idea of ​​the problem, the head of the Ministry of Health (SSa), Jorge Alcocer Varela, the country needs 140,000 general practitioners. In addition, another 30,000 specialists and 300,000 nursing professionals are also needed to comply with international recommendations.

While now it was President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who gave his opinion on this situation. On previous occasions, he has pointed out that neoliberal governments were responsible for not investing in health. But now he accused that the others responsible for this panorama are the college entrance exams and other difficulties faced by students.

Should there be filters to enter the university?

In particular, he emphasized the shortcomings that low-income people face in order to access higher education. Therefore, it expresses its rejection of the existence of filters and barriers that prevent a person from entering the university, as is the case with entrance exams.

In his words, anyone who wants to be able to continue with their studies should do so without difficulties. While the shortage of doctors has been caused because opportunities are closed to young people throughout the country.

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He added that there are many people who want to become doctors and that is why his government has worked on solutions. One of the main ones was the creation of the University of Health. Although it is located in Mexico City, it is designed for young people in rural areas. One of the objectives is for all those who graduate to return to their places of origin to help their community.

Similarly, during the last two years the places offered in the National Examination for Aspiring Medical Residences (ENARM) have increased. In this way, the aim is to stabilize the number of specialists that exist in the country. Although thousands of health professionals graduate from universities each year, only a small number continue their professional training.

And for you, what are the reasons for the shortage of doctors in Mexico?