Phil Spencer Supports the Raven Software Union

Phil Spencer Supports the Raven Software Union

Over the past six months, QA employees at Raven Software have been fighting for their union, which was finally achieved a couple of days ago. During all this time, many have wondered what will happen once Microsoft concludes its purchase process of Activision Blizzard. Now, at a recent meeting, Phil Spencer, head of Xboxfinally spoke on this subject, and the response is positive.

During the internal all-employee meeting with Xbox Game Studios employees, Phil Spencer issued a statement where fully supports the recent Raven Software syndicate. This is what he commented on it:

“Linda Norman and I have spent a lot of time learning about unions. We fully support the right of employees to organize and form unions.

Once the deal closes, we would absolutely support [a la] employee organization that is in place. We believe that it is an employee right and something that can be part of a relationship between a company and the people who work in the company.”

Spencer has pointed out that Microsoft does not currently have a relationship with the Communication Workers of America or the Game Workers Alliance.. In this way, once the purchase of Activision is completed, and Raven Software is part of the Xbox Game Studios, it will be the first time in history that Microsoft has direct contact with a syndicate of this type.

In related topics, you can learn more about this union here. Similarly, this was what Activision Blizzard commented on this organization.


Editor’s note:

So far at least, it looks like Microsoft and Xbox won’t have a problem with the Raven Software syndicate. However, once the purchase of Activision Blizzard is completed, it is when we will really know the intentions of the company with this group.

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