Phil Spencer enjoys his free time playing frenzied The Ascent

Phil Spencer enjoys his free time playing frenzied The Ascent

Phil Spencer, a man known for his charismatic presentations and honesty in video games, always sharing and praising developers, even other companies like Sony or Nintendo, when something is to his liking. As a result of the above, a screenshot shared by the Xbox mogul has recently been seen, where It is seen that enjoying his free time playing the frantic The Ascent, one of the great titles that were released in 2021 for Xbox Series X | S.

Through the Twitter account of The Ascent, the screenshot that Phil Spencer has made has been shared, where you can see that he is playing the title, in a fairly advanced part of it. It is not the first time that Spencer shares content from The Ascent, Since in the past he uploaded several photos playing the game, which seems to really appeal to him.

Phil Spencer enjoys his free time playing frenzied The Ascent

Review of The Ascent – Xbox Series X

As we can see in the tweet, Phil Spencer has been having fun with the Neon Giant title, as well as others that have been seen as Destiny 2 or the recently released Halo Infinite. The Ascent account has posted the screenshot stating that (translated): “Phil getting on the capture train! Great shot!”. The developer must feel a great honor, seeing how one of the most responsible of Xbox is playing the title that you have developed, without a doubt incredible news.

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Without a doubt, good news for the studio that has made a high quality, frenetic and attractive video game, where the constant fights are injected with a really striking emotion and action. It only remains to wait if in the future The Ascent will have any expansion or DLC to complement a story that, for many players, left with pleasure little.

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