Pet friendly shopping centers in CDMX that you can visit with your dog

Pet friendly shopping centers in CDMX that you can visit with your dog

Some offices have even become more flexible so that collaborators come to their workspaces in company of their dogs.

As of December 2021, at the household level, 69.8 percent have some type of pet, reveal figures from the National Survey of Self-Reported Well-being (Enbiare). Out of a total of 80 million pets43.8 million of them are canines and 16.2 million are felines.

Either because we can’t leave them alone at home so they don’t get into mischief or simply because we want to spend the most quality time with them, we decided to make them part of our daily routine by taking them to these places.

For you to continue enjoying the company of your best dog friend while you go from shopping or to eat at a restaurant or simply go out for a coffee to enjoy that day, we tell you where you can do it.

Pet friendly shopping centers in CDMX

Great Terrace Coapa

It is one of the most beautiful outdoor places to go with your pet due to the large spaces it has so you can enjoy a walk. This shopping center has cleaning stations for the needs of your tenderloin. Here you can find various options in food, services, entertainment and more. Do not forget that your puppy must always walk on a leash.

It is located at: Calzada Acoxpa 610, Coapa, Tlalpan, CP 14390, CDMX.

Miyana Commercial

This place is located in the heart of Polanco and you can enjoy your stay in the company of your tenderloin, just remember to carry it on ramps and electric stairs or on elevators and fixed stairs to avoid accidents. there you can find Food Centera space with different national and international culinary options, as well as places of entertainment, lifestyle and services.

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It is located at: Av. Ejército Nacional 769. Corner Moliere, Miguel Hidalgo. CP 11520, CDMX.

Santa Fe Grand Courtyard

Here you can enjoy an afternoon walk with your pet and spoil it with an accessory, as there are some pet stores. You will also find variety in restaurants, cafes, fashion stores and more.

It is located in: Prol. Paseo de la Reforma 400, Santa Fe, Álvaro Obregón, 01210 CDMX.


If you like places outdoors, consider visiting this shopping center with your tenderloin, one of the most exclusive in the Mexican capital. Here you can find stores like Adidas, Apple Store, American Eagle, Bimba y Lola, Hugo Boss, among others, as well as various restaurant options.

It is located at: Av. Ejército Nacional 843-B, Col. Granada, Miguel Hidalgo City Hall. CP 11520, CDMX.

Garden Santa Fe

It is an underground and sustainable space with an original design located in the heart of Santa Fe. It has gardens, entertainment services, gourmet, home, technology, fashion, beauty and more. You can enjoy your stay in the company of your best canine friend.

It is located at: C. Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena 1205, Santa Fe, Zedec Sta Fé, Álvaro Obregón, 01219, CDMX.