The famous franchise Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) has been updated, and from today on will be known as eFootball. This was confirmed by Konami recently, and furthermore, They have published a new trailer eFootball to make the official transition. Of course, the name change it won’t be the only thing different that will come with the game, but we will also see many new features in the gameplay and game model, starting with the new free-to-play era and fully digital that will come with the franchise from now on.

So far, we know that eFootball will be available in a free-to-play format on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Android, iOS and PC. Konami declined to comment on a possible version of eFootball in order to Nintendo switch, but what we do know is that the game will hit digital stores in some point this coming fall. In addition, the game will have the function crossplay available from winter, although mobile gamers they will need controls to be able to play against those who are on PC or console.

It is expected that all versions of eFootball are the same in their functional aspect. The game has also gone from being developed on Konami’s own FOX Engine, to a new own engine of the company created on Unreal Engine 4. The game also you will receive updates periodically, abandoning the annual launch format that it used Konami with the franchise PES, according commented Seitaro Komura, producer of the series to IGN.

EFootball’s monetization strategies, however, have not been revealed yet by Konami. However, the company has stated that the game has been designed to be ‘fair and balanced“, so we do not expect overly abusive measures in this section, at least for now. In its graphic and playable section the game will incorporate Motion Matching technology, which will allow the game to have up to four times more animations than old PES games, and will be available on all platforms.

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eFootball is coming this coming fall, so stay tuned for all the news Konami will bring out during this time. Konami ensures that will be presenting more information about the game at the end of August, so there is not much left to learn more about the reinvention of the most legendary football franchises in history.

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