Persona and SMT series and movies in development

Persona and SMT series and movies in development

After the success of sonic the hedgehog and its sequel, it’s no surprise to hear that SEGA has plans to bring some of its properties to film and television. Not only is a Yakuza adaptation already in development, but the properties of Atlus They will follow this same path.

Through a statement to IGN, SEGA has revealed that there are already plans to bring the Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and Catherine series to film and television.. This was what Toru Nakahara, SEGA producer on the Sonic movies and other live action productions, mentioned:

“The worlds of Atlus are full of high drama, cutting-edge style and compelling characters. Stories like those in the Persona franchise really resonate with our fans and we see an opportunity to expand the lore like no one has seen, or played, before.

Together, Sega and Atlus are working to bring these stories and worlds to life through new media and for new audiences.”

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have specific information about the type of adaptations that these three properties will have, nor when they could reach the big or small screen, but SEGA is already in talks with various studios and producers. However, this is good news for all fans of these series.

On related topics, the Persona series is finally coming to the Switch. Similarly, more games in this series are on the way to PlayStation consoles.


Editor’s note:

Of these three series, the one that best fits the cinema is Catherine. The story of a man in the midst of a relationship with three women would be perfect for a two-hour feature film. For their part, the complex stories of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona are ideal for television.

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Via: IGN