At home we have already started the countdown to Christmas and that means that the kitchen burns with preparations that I make in advance and that they are kept refrigerated or frozen as freshly made or with recipe trials to see if the result is satisfactory and we are interested in presenting them on the table.

The chocolate nougat cream recipe It is one of those cases and of course I stick with the formula for these Holidays because it is perfect.

If we are interested in making a mousse with this baseWe only have to add more whites to the final cream and prevent them from falling during the union of both textures, the rest of the process we can do it in the same way with the same ingredients. In the case of wanting to add a chocolate with a lower percentage of cocoa, you should bear in mind that it may be necessary to use gelatin since the fat provided by the cocoa would be less.

In a saucepan we melt the chocolate with the sugar, the cream and the milk. When the mixture is half dissolved we add the crumbled nougat, we stir and continue heating. We separate the yolks from the whites of the three eggs.

We assemble the egg whites until stiff and we add the broken yolks to the saucepan when it is almost about to boil and everything is dissolved. We separate the saucepan from the fire for a few moments, stir well and return to the fire.

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We lower the fire and stir continuously until the cream has thickened, we will be careful that it does not come to a boil so that it does not cut. We integrate the liquor into the cream. Let warm for a few minutes and join the whites mounted. Pour carefully into the presentation glasses, cover with plastic wrap and let cool for a few hours before serving.

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With what to accompany the chocolate and nougat cream

The chocolate cream and nougat It is a perfect option to take at Christmas. It is a delicious dessert, not at all cloying and that should be eaten in small portions, which does not prevent you from enjoying the rest of the sweets. I recommend accompanying it with sour cream or sour cream, the contrast is delicious, although it also combines perfectly with a sour fruit such as raspberries that we find at an affordable price at this time in almost all markets.

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