Details about the series are progressively revealed The last of us, based on the game of Naughty dog developed for PlayStation consoles. Although very specific questions about the production are not yet known, during the last months images and part of the team involved with the HBO production have been leaked. In that sense, a new leak arrived about one of the protagonists, Pedro Pascal, who will play Joel.

The actor was seen with a good part of the clothing that he will use, as part of his wardrobe for the adaptation of The Last of Us. Some time ago, HBO had already confirmed that the protagonists of this project will be Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who will represent Joel and Ellie, respectively.

A few months ago, both actors had appeared in a photo related to the project. It was one of the first images seen about it. Since then, Pascal himself has been sharing some minor issues.

The image of Pedro Pascal as Joel in The last of us

It was through Twitter that a new image of The last of us. A photograph published by Kristin Raworth leaves a record of Pedro Pascal. For what is shared through CBR portal, the image was obtained from the production set located in Canada. The surprising thing about the image is in the actor’s outfit, quite similar to that of the protagonist of the game.

The last of us has a script by Craig Mazin, who has already been in charge of Chernobyl, and with Neil Druckmann, who is the author and co-director of the first game of The last of us and its subsequent sequel. This talent meeting is related to the fact that it is a joint project between HBO and PlayStation. At the moment, the series will have ten chapters and will be inspired by the first installment of the game.

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As a curious fact, it is estimated that each chapter will have a total investment of ten million dollars. For those unrelated to the game’s narrative, this series is inspired by a post-apocalyptic horror tale. The world, within The last of us, has been ravaged by a plague that infects humans with a virus that transforms them into zombie-like creatures, but with a more brutal point of cannibalism. One of the knots of the story is that Joel is responsible for protecting Ellie, an immune girl and who could be the key to achieving a cure.

There is no release date for the series yet. Although it is not ruled out that it is for the second semester of 2022, taking into account that during the North American summer some scenes will still be recorded.