The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, assured from the United States that foreign investment will arrive in the coming months. (Presidency)

The president of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, announced that in the coming weeks, they will reach the Peru a group of American businessmen, to encourage investments in various regions of the country, in order to reactivate the economy and end inequalities.

“We have agreed that they continue to invest, without any type of distrust, without any fear and they are going to visit Peru. In the coming weeks we will meet them in Lima and we will travel to some regions, this in order to stimulate investment and what is invested will be to reduce poverty and reactivate the economy ”, referred.

He reported that during this meeting, it was possible to clarify the doubts regarding the legal stability of the investments. “We have managed to remove that ghost that was repeated, and that had been said during the campaign and that continue to be repeated in some sector of the population. We have denied it ”, stressed.

The president stressed that this visit was agreed during the meeting he held today with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), during his stay in the city of Washington DC, as part of his first international work agenda that he has been developing in the United States.

“We have met with a group of businessmen who have been investing in the country in recent times. We have discussed and clarified things, saying that a State must always be on the side of the business community, we have always said it, “he added.

The Peruvian president, who is heading to New York City, where he will participate tomorrow in the United Nations General Assembly (UN), stressed that these investments will help “End inequalities such as the lack of water, sewage, education, roads and will allow to give a boost to agriculture”.

He explained that his government will work hand in hand with the population and private businesses to also solve the environmental problems that have been generated in some mining projects and others that require a social license.

“We are going to work with dialogue, with a stage of understanding; and always preserving nature, and the social license that must be directed ”, he pointed out.

On the other hand, he said that Peru’s position for tomorrow, during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, will be to make a call for peace, for the tranquility and unity of the peoples to improve the health conditions of the citizens in a difficult context such as the health emergency due to the presence of COVID-19.

| Photo: Andean Agency
| Photo: Andean Agency


Earlier, before a group of businessmen in the United States, the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo Terrones, said that they have open doors and called on them to invest in the country with confidence and without doubts, but also with clear rules and respecting the rights of Peruvians.

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We have not come to drive away capital, investment; We are going to invest in Peru with confidence, without doubts and without fear. Peru is huge, it has different climates, productivity, it is necessary to be one familyThat Peru understand that a State without private investment cannot get ahead, ”he said.

That investment, he argued, must be made with transparency, with clear rules and respecting workers and the rights of the population.

At another time, he thanked the OAS for having recognized the victory “of a son of the people,” referring to the report presented by the Electoral Observation Mission of this organization, on the last general elections; and for having been firm in not allowing an agenda to be imposed on them, since democracy is the open, genuine and voluntary participation of the people and their organizations.

“Democracy cannot have any spirit of discrimination, I am a teacher, I come from a school that is cracked, my parents light themselves with a lighter, many families do not know the water tap, the parents work the land and hope that It rains to sow, but when they produce, there is no possibility of bringing their products to market ”, he said.

President Castillo also indicated that the covid-19 pandemic has made it possible to see that economic growth has not been balanced with development, because there is growth on one side and on the other towns that continue without water, electricity, exclusion, schools they fall and farmers lose their production as they cannot reach markets.

This Government, arrived from the interior of the country, has not come to expropriate anyone, let’s get that out of our heads, it is false. When we go out to say let’s look at reality, he has called us a Chavista, a communist, he has come to expropriate, he will take away their house, their savings, false, “he said.

He specified that his government will provide a guarantee and legal security to investments, because it depends on the creation of employment, job opportunities.

“There is informality, it is true, let’s make an effort to formalize, there will always be problems, but if we go with clear rules, we go to the people (to tell them) that the businessmen are going to move the country forward and the State guarantees it, the people will understand it” , he referred.

Before an audience, made up of businessmen from the United States Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and the American Chamber of Commerce of Peru, andThe president said that “they have open doors” for investments, because only in this way will the country be able to move forward and give its citizens better opportunities.

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