PayPal, one of the largest Internet payment companies in the world, has just updated its mobile application with a new design and functions. Users can now send and receive money, pay with QR codes, manage their gift cards, and manage their cryptocurrencies from one place.

The company describes its new app as a “smart digital wallet that uses PayPal’s advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to create a unique, enhanced and tailored experience for each customer.” At first glance, the new user interface looks more intuitive.

In the past, the main screen of the PayPal application focused on balancing, sending and receiving money. Now, instead, a dashboard with quick actions to new features and reminders. At the bottom, there are new tabs that lead to individual functions.

One of them is the new Digital Wallet. This allows you to manage all the payment tools available in the region. In the case of the United States, it includes fiat money and cryptocurrencies, in addition to new high-performance financial tools, direct deposit and payment of bills.

The eyelash PaymentsFor its part, it includes functions of sending and receiving money, international transfers and donations to charities and non-profit institutions, and a new two-way messaging function that will allow two users to communicate after having made a transfer.

PayPal, advanced features, cryptocurrencies and Spain

The Press release reveals that the new PayPal app arrives loaded with features, but most are only available in the United States. However, the US company wants its new services to be available in new markets.

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According Capital Radio, the director for Iberia of PayPal, Miguel Ángel Cuesta, said in April of this year that “they are working” so that the function of payments with cryptocurrencies reaches Spain.

Cautious, the executive points out that “the dates are not yet confirmed” and clarifies that behind this arrival there is “a lot of legislation” involved. This provides a halo of hope for users in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Although, it is necessary to clarify that PayPal only acts as an “intermediary” between the user who owns the crypto assets and the merchant. That is, at the time of payment, the cryptocurrencies are converted to dollars or another local currency.

Other functions such as high-yield savings banks, in association with Synchrony Bank, and the future system of buying and selling shares on the platform, seem for the moment to be aimed at the US market.