Paying the MásMóvil bill with Bizum is possible

Paying the MásMóvil bill with Bizum is possible

Today everyone talks about Bizum. Surely on more than one occasion you have used this system of sending payments through your mobile to pay an outstanding debt with a friend, buy a second-hand object or make an online purchase in compatible establishments. What you may not know or have not considered is that there is the possibility of paying your MásMóvil bill with Bizum.

On more than one occasion we have told you about the different options and characteristics that Bizum offers us when it comes to receiving money between individuals instantly and securely, making purchases in compatible online stores, donating and collaborating with different associations and NGOs or pay and collect prizes in the State Lottery and Gambling Administrations. On this occasion, we are going to explain to you how can you pay your bill if you are a client of the MásMóvil operator.

Steps to follow to pay your bill

In addition to downloading your MásMóvil bill or checking your consumption, if you are a customer of the operator you can also pay your bill Quickly and safely through Bizum. Typically, Bizum is integrated into your bank’s application, so to finalize the payment, you will surely have to finish the process by validating the operation within the application of the bank you use.

The steps to follow to pay your MásMóvil bill with Bizum are as follows:

First of all, you have to enter and click on the “Make payment” button.

A screen will then appear where you need to enter your information: MásMóvil ID and telephone number and select the “Bizum” option when choosing the payment method.

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Once the payment method has been selected, you will have to enter the phone number that you have registered in Bizum (it does not have to coincide with the number that you have in MásMóvil).

âgar invoice and MásMóvil with Bizum

To finalize the payment, you will have to go to your bank’s application to confirm it or enter your Bizum key 4 digits if you have it activated. With these simple steps, the payment process of your MásMóvil bill would be completed.

Bizum code to pay invoice at MásMóvil

How to activate Bizum key

With the Bizum password you can verify online payments at associated businesses, as well as pay your MásMóvil bill. It is a unique key composed of 4 digits that you can modify whenever you want. Currently, not all banking entities have the option of creating the Bizum key. You can check if your bank allows it by entering the application and checking if there is a section that allows you to create it.

If your bank does not offer you the possibility of creating a Bizum key, it will mean that they are still working on payments in electronic commerce. In this case, as we have indicated previously, to complete the process of paying your invoice, the system will take you directly to the mobile app of your bank so that you confirm the payment of the same. In addition, you can keep track of all your cats and payments through the movement section enabled within the application.