Pay to Win – How big is the advantage that is obtained when paying in video games?

Pay to Win – How big is the advantage that is obtained when paying in video games?

Among the many styles of video games that exist, one of the most controversial are deliveries pay-to-win either pay to win. We tell you the details here!

The video game industry has a wide range of options when it comes to developing its deliveries. Some companies aim at the pure entertainment of their users and others, for their part, aim to generate profits, and for this there are games pay-to-win.

I will show you the great wall that you will not be able to overcome no matter how hard you try.” was what he said Vegeta to Goku during the introduction of their first meeting in the Land. If we leave aside the context, this phrase can also be used to express the situation that the players are experiencing. free-to-play in front of the pay-to-win.

pay to win

5 deliveries pay-to-win in which money can give you a benefit above the rest of the players

Before starting the list of games, it is worth clarifying that some of the titles that we will name can be identified as pay to fast, Bone that its function is to accelerate the progress in the game. We invite you to share your point of view if you agree or differ with the following selection:

Ultimate Team – EA Sports

Either FIFA or Madden, EA Sports It is always located in this type of lists due to the constant micro transactions and new card packages that the company offers. By purchasing FIFA Points in the case of your soccer simulator, EA does not even guarantee that you will get the cards for which you spend money, but if you are remotely lucky enough to get them, the advantage in-game will be clear above someone with fewer resources.

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pay to win

Clash of Clans – Supercell

The popular mobile installment that allows you to create and develop your kingdom is another example of a game Pay-to-Win. Through the purchase of gems or the gold passpaid users will get benefits such as: reduction of time in constructions and generation of armies. Yes ok it does not represent a direct advantage such as having better statistics than rivalsthe fact that your times work differently from those of the free-to-playit positions you above them.

Clash Royale – Supercell

Here the situation is a little clearer. Due to the system I level what do they have in clash royale, players who deposit money will get a higher number of copies for their favorite characters, which they can use to level them up and thus increase their base stats. Currently the highest level a card can reach is 14.

clash royale

Devil Immortal – Blizzard

Perhaps the biggest event pay-to-win from 2022, Devil Immortal raised a lot of controversy since its release. The fact that generated the most noise was when different users made the necessary accounts to obtain a complete and improved armor and they realized that this build has a value around$100,000! and, logically, provides an abysmal advantage over the F2P.

Pokémon Unite – TiMi Studios

Controversy I choose you! would say Ash in this situation. For some of the players it is a delivery pay-to-fast, for others, pay-to-winthe truth is that if they decide to deposit money in the MOBAs with theme Pokemonthey will receive benefits of different types, but we will focus on one: improvements to items. These objects that can be used in battlethey will level up more easily and that will mean that they will have better statistics and, therefore, more impact in the game. gameplay.


What do you think of the list? Do you think that any game was missing or left over? The thin line between pay-to-win Y pay-to-fast It is not yet defined, but through healthy debate a better conclusion can be reached. We are already open to different points of view, so do not hesitate to comment!