Patch to improve PS1 emulation makes it worse

Patch to improve PS1 emulation makes it worse

This week the new service arrived playstation plus to the Asian continent (except Japan), and we realized that the PlayStation 1 games that arrived as part of the Premium/Deluxe plan did so in their PAL version, even in NTSC regions such as Taiwan. Because of this, Sony released a patch to improve its image quality, but it ended up causing a worsening effect.

The update 1.02 for the PS1 Classics that Sony released this week fixes general bugs and “improves PAL output”, converting the PAL code from 50hz to 60hz, trying to simulate the NTSC versions. However, this causes some objects to appear duplicated and semi-transparent.

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The account of Windy CornerTV shared three examples of games affected by this effect, which causes some objects to have a semi-transparent duplicate on the side. The three games that received this patch were Everybody’s Golf, Kurushi, and Jumping Flash. The new PlayStation Plus will arrive in our region on June 13, so we hope that Sony will improve the emulation of its classic games by then.

This week Sony held a presentation for its investors, during which it was revealed that 28% of current subscribers are not satisfied with the PlayStation Plus service.

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When the new service arrived on the Asian continent, it became known that those who accumulated discount subscriptions will have to pay an extra when they decide to upgrade their plan, which has caused a lot of disagreement among Asian players. Sony is expected to change this policy before launching PlayStation Plus in America, otherwise expect a lot of criticism from what would be its most loyal subscribers.

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