Within the field of health, it is natural that one of the requirements is to have a vocation for service. In addition, empathy is also necessary to attend patients in a warm way. But it cannot be forgotten that in the end it is a job like any other and requires payment for its completion. Although regardless of the importance of this work, the salary of a doctor is too low in countries like Mexico.

In addition, it must be considered that it is the most extensive profession that exists. It takes at least four years in college, one of boarding school and one of social service. And if at the end you aspire to be a specialist, you must first pass the National Examination for Aspiring Medical Residences (ENARM) and then continue with the training.

Either way, it is a profession in which constant training must prevail. You never finish learning because of all the innovations that appear every day. You need to know the latest in the market to offer optimal service to patients.

The true salary of a doctor in Mexico

For all the aforementioned, it could be thought that the salary of a doctor is proportional to his years of study and the relevance of his activity. Although in some cases it does, in most it is not. It is also quite dangerous work if it is carried out in rural areas or places far from the big cities where there are very few guarantees of safety.

It is only necessary to remember what is indicated by the Belisario Domínguez Institute of the Senate of the Republic last year. Through an investigation it was obtained that a doctor in Mexico receives an average of $ 16,146 pesos per month. The figure represents almost a third of the salary of this profession in countries like Brazil and Spain. While the activities and days are practically the same.

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For their part, the nursing staff faces a similar panorama. The same work indicates that the average salary here is $ 9,909 pesos per month. This is less than half of what nurses earn in Chile or Italy.

How much does the manager of an Oxxo earn?

But now we are going to focus on other jobs without detracting from what is done in areas other than health. All part of a video that has gone viral because an Oxxo manager shows his receipts and what he gets is that he receives much more than most health professionals.

As he himself teaches, a week he receives around 5,000 pesos, for which he has an average monthly salary of 20,000 pesos. He also receives food vouchers and all legal benefits.

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Their work cannot be considered to be less but the point is that the salary of a doctor should be at least equal. Unfortunately, this is not the case and in Mexico those who are dedicated to the health field receive quite low payments.

In addition, it must be considered that the days within hospitals and clinics are extensive and exhausting. In the end they often cause doctors to develop high levels of stress and anxiety that lead to Burnout Syndrome.

For now, what do you think would be the fair salary of a doctor?