Outer Wilds and three other games become part of the PlayStation Now catalog in April

Outer Wilds and three other games become part of the PlayStation Now catalog in April

One of the latest bombings by Sony has been the presentation of the new PlayStation Plus, a service that will merge everything that PlayStation Plus offers together with PlayStation Now. For all this we will have to wait until June, but that does not mean that until then PS Now will continue to receive news.

That is why the list of games that will become part of its catalog this month of April, specifically from tomorrow. Among them we find four very different proposals that we will review below.

The purpose of this nice space adventure is that we will have to determine if the planet ARY-26 is suitable for human life. That will make us explore and catalog the fauna and flora without dying trying, in addition to using a 3D printer to turn garbage into instruments that may be useful.

In this open-world mystery adventure, take on the role of a recruit for a new space program searching for answers in a strange, ever-evolving solar system. This will lead us to explore places that change over time, full of secrets and dangerous environments affected by natural catastrophes.

We continue with this RPG is based on the board game of the same name. Whether as a man, wolf or beastman, we will have to face wild combats with each of these forms that will have their own advantages, so that the first can interact with other people, the second can sneak undetected and the last can unleash his fury against his enemies.

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  • WRC10 FIA World Rally Championship (valued at 49.99 euros)

The latest installment of this driving saga will allow us to relive the entire 2021 season while celebrating the 50th anniversary of this competition, with 19 historic events that have marked this championship along with all the official teams, vehicles, circuits, etc.