Our portal will now appear integrated into the popular News Feeds App within the Engine category. SQUID is available for both Android and iOS devices. Do not miss any of our articles on your mobile or tablet through this app.

SQUID is a Completely free app available for devices Android and ios. Its utility? Show users, in a very intuitive list organized by tables, the latest news ordered by recent date according to the categories selected for the user’s own interest.

You can choose from more than 100 categories such as, for example, motor, sport, travel, technology or world news and at the same time you can filter between local or global news.

Now, thanks to a collaboration with them, motor.es will also appear as one of the sources that belong to the great ecosystem that makes up SQUID.

To be up to date with our articles, just select the category Engine in our interests and from there they will begin to appear among other current articles from the motor world.

One of its strengths is the ability to select news as favorites to keep and read later and also, for more selective users, the App also allows blocking sources from which we are not interested in receiving news or notifications.

Do you dare to try it?