Oscar Isaac says there are no plans for a season 2

Oscar Isaac says there are no plans for a season 2

Practically from the beginning, Marvel Studios has made it clear that Knight La it would be a limited series, which implies that there would be no second season. However, after the end of the series, many fans believe that it is inevitable that there will be more chapters in the future. This was increased by the fact that, next to the trailer for the last chapter, Marvel used the words “series finale”, and then deleted them and used “season finale”.

Unfortunately, oscar isaac has thrown some dirt on the idea of ​​a second season, confirm that there are currently no plans for a continuation of moon knight.

You know, I think we’ve approached it like, ‘This is the story.’ And let’s put everything on the table in this story. There are definitely no official plans to continue it. I think it would depend on what the story was.

Isaac was only signed for one season, but the star admits he thoroughly enjoyed filming it and is open to playing the character again.

That said, I love being Steven. I love it. It’s like, physically, it’s really fun to be him. So you know, if there was a story that actually made sense, I’d be happy to be a part of it.

Ethan Hawke (Arthur Harrow) and May Calamawy (Layla El-Faouly) backed Isaac saying they don’t know anything about the future of their characters either, though they would also be open to a return.

Calamay: I haven’t heard anything. So if there are plans, I haven’t heard them yet. And if there were, I would, yes, I would consider going back. Of course.

Hawke: Do you want to play the same character for long periods of time? Most actors don’t. But if you make the public happy, your opinion changes.