How to change the name of a group in WhatsApp

If you are an administrator of the group you can easily change the name without any problem and there is no limit to change the name as many times as you want. The steps are fast and we can do them from the messaging application:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Find the group that interests you
  • Tap at the top of it
  • Group details will open
  • Next to the name, you will see a pencil icon
  • Tap on the icon and write the name

The maximum to add a name there are 24 characters in WhatsApp and we can add both letters and numbers as well as icons or emojis if we want to complete. Also from the edition or details of the group we can add a description visible to all participants that will allow them to know what it is without getting lost.

If you are going to create it from scratch You can also choose the name in the process of creating it. The steps to create the new group in WhatsApp are:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to the three points in the upper right corner
  • Choose the option “New group
  • Add the participants you want

Name WhatsApp group

Once you have added the participants you will see that you can choose the photo and the subject. Here we can choose the name of the WhatsApp group that we want.

Original and funny names

We can choose the WhatsApp name that we want and change it as many times as we want, although it is recommended that we use a name that we all easily recognize and that does not represent an inconvenience when it comes to identify which group we are interested in when we go to talk with friends, with co-workers or with our family. The logical thing is that it makes sense to avoid confusion. There may be “boring” groups if your family simply has both last names or if your neighbors have the street address. But we can go a little further and change it to put something original.

For groups with yourself

If you have a WhatsApp group with yourself in which you write things that you cannot forget or that you want to send from one computer to another, you can simply put “WhatsApp” or “To-do list” but you can also give them funny names with science fiction robots or with culture references.

  • Doraemon pocket
  • The Great Encyclopedia
  • Poppins Bag
  • Her
  • HAL 9000
  • Wall-E
  • R2D2
  • C3PO
  • Kitt
  • Hey google
  • Alexa
  • Jiminy Cricket
  • Bell

For friends

For friends of all kinds, original and funny names for lovers of series or cinema but also other classics that always work in any group of colleagues.

  • Game boys
  • The Batcave
  • The flip flops
  • The drama club
  • The golden girls
  • The salon
  • Team A … boring
  • Ninja warriors
  • The dark side
  • Avengers
  • Central perk
  • Mean girls
  • Community
  • Zombies Party
  • Geek convention
  • Friends
  • Gossip girls
  • There is a friend in me
  • Protect us, Superman
  • Knights of the Zodiac
  • Derry girls
  • God raises them …
  • The Cage of the Crazy
  • The usual ones / The usual ones
  • Supergirl / Superboys
  • The Replicators
  • The friend’s chat
  • The croquettes

Depending on the number of friends in the group …

  • The Super Chicks
  • The Teletubbies
  • Fantastic 4
  • SerreSiete
  • The fifth of the vulture
  • Oceans eleven
  • The Musketeers / Muskedogs
  • The four horsemen of the apocalypse
  • The seven samurai
  • X very dumb fools
  • 4 × 4
  • The fifth element
  • The three Twins
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To party

If you have that group of friends that you always meet at the bar.

  • The union makes the spree
  • Who brings ice?
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The Sponges
  • The water in the vases
  • The last one and we leave
  • Today it comes out and tomorrow
  • Grilled sausages
  • Hangover in las vegas
  • The Last Dawn
  • Moe’s Tavern
  • Today it comes out
  • The beer club
  • The ones from the bar
  • I’ll start diet on monday
  • Extreme challenge
  • I will not drink again
  • The penultimate
  • Don Simon

For college and class groups

For college or university classmates. From general to thematic depending on what you do or what you are studying.

  • The 100tifikos
  • Better call saul
  • The Good Fight
  • Big Bang without Theory
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Library and disco
  • Pop quiz
  • Afterclass
  • Classmates
  • The Peripatetics
  • Exams are coming
  • Partials are coming
  • Is the statement copied?
  • I can go to the bathroom?
  • The juernes
  • Those in the last row
  • The dog ate the homework
  • The forgotten flute
  • Mates in Crime
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • The backyard band

For co-workers

Without the boss or with the boss, there are many funny names for your office or company.

  • Dunder mifflin
  • Reynholhm Industries
  • Enter under your responsibility
  • Bring coffee
  • I hate Mondays
  • Until Friday
  • I want vacations
  • The successful ones
  • Employee of the Month
  • Let me know on friday
  • The ones in the office
  • I’m the boss
  • Breakfasts
  • I answer an email and go
  • Antisocials
  • The ones in the basement
  • Mondays in the sun
  • Tomorrow we get up early
  • Work out

For family groups

You can bet on names for the family group that are much more fun than your surnames … From classics like The Simpsons even mythical phrases that you have ever heard.

  • The Simpson
  • The Monster family
  • Family Guy
  • The Rugrats (especially for moms and dads)
  • Where are the children?
  • Look mom, no hands
  • Corleone
  • Those of the DNA
  • The mental hospital
  • Writing, writing …
  • This is the group, grandma
  • The adopted
  • Those of the DNA
  • Give me the Netflix key
  • Adams family
  • Home alone
  • Modern family
  • The others
  • Walk the dog
  • Ask your father / mother
  • Kung Fu Pandas
  • The barbecue
  • Do you think I am the bank?
  • Did you fry an egg?
  • What am I going to find?
  • What is there to eat? Food

Other funny names

For all kinds of different groups

  • You have been removed from the group
  • What happens in this group, stays in the group
  • It is none of your business
  • Writing, writing … Hello
  • Passed pro here
  • It is none of your business
  • Do not bother
  • Chamber of secrets
  • Yabadabadu
  • Knock Knock
  • Gossip Deluxe
  • Those in the neighborhood
  • Millennials

For groups in the neighborhood community …

  • Versailles
  • Disappointment 21
  • Rue del Barnacle
  • Montepinar 2

For fathers and mothers …

  • Anarchy in the nursery
  • Baby boom
  • Without Durex
  • The Drama Club

Names in English

If you don’t mind that the name is in another language there are many original options that can sound much better in English than in Spanish if you are looking for something fun.

  • Pink muffins
  • Kick Ass Boys
  • Free Birds
  • Cool boys
  • The Walkie Talkies
  • Mad house
  • My Folks
  • Silent killers
  • Cereals The Best
  • Give Me A WiFi-ve
  • Whatsapp Dating
  • Purple Silk Kittens
  • Twirl Twist Divas
  • Hidden Infinity
  • Sparkle princesses
  • Chicks with Sticks
  • Ladies Blend Recipe Fever
  • Lions Crazy people
  • Recycle Bin
  • We are together
  • Atomic Reactors
  • Rocking stars
  • Innocent Girls
  • Never never give up
  • Baby got track