It’s been a while since the debate on the difficulty of video games It comes and goes in a cyclical way, this time to splash Metroid Dread, the latest installment in the series released for the Nintendo Switch, and it does so by David Jaffe, original creator God of War. According to Jeffe, what is new about MercurySteam is another one of those games that want to “push the players away.”

Through his personal Twitter account, in a rather exalted tone, David Jaffe has charged Metroid Dread, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Returnal, for leading «the march towards super challenging games«, Since they are not exactly easy games. These are three examples of modern games that make the most of their possibilities to guess a real challenge for players, something that has always happened in the world of videogames, «but it wasn’t so rampant«, Assures the creative now put to youtuber. ‘Maybe it’s the NES generation that is becoming designers, but i hate this shit. And it is not a question of age.

The debate on the difficulty of video games seems far from peaking, since it is rekindled every time a game appears that bases its experience on skill and commitment of the players, even if that is the intention of its creators. It’s no wonder he’s making a comeback after the Elden Ring premiere in early 2022.

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In either case, Samus’ latest adventure is now available on Nintendo Switch. Do not hesitate to consult our analysis of Metroid Dread to know all the details of the game from MercurySteam, a studio based here, in Spain.

Original God of War creator baits incomprehensibly with Metroid Dread

▪ Release date: 10/08/2021