Orange video surveillance, the new service to see everything that happens in your home

Orange video surveillance, the new service to see everything that happens in your home

At the moment, Orange Smart Home is a service exclusively for operator customers, since it is necessary to have a username and password to access the “My Orange” app and access the Orange Smart Home app that manages all connected devices and is available both in Android like in ios.

Automatic recording when detecting movements

The Orange video surveillance camera is capable of automatically recording videos when it detects motion or sound. In addition, it sends notifications to our mobile so that you are informed at all times of what is happening in your home. It also allows access to the camera and microphone through the app and we can even talk from a distance, since the camera also has its own speaker.

For the camcorder to function properly, it must be plugged into a power outlet and a WiFi network. Works with 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks and Orange clarifies that it is not a private security service, so it is not connected to any security alarm receiving center.

Night vision and remote control

The Orange Smart Home camcorder has 360º angle and night vision with remote control, record Full HD resolution videos 1080p and saves them to a 32GB SD card that allows accumulate recordings of up to 5 days in total. After the storage space expires, the recordings are chronologically overwritten.

As for night vision, it has a range of 10 meters and has an AI motion sensor. In turn, you can configure scenarios or events that you want to be recorded and notified on the spot.

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From the app you will have full control of the possible functions such as recording videos, taking photos, accessing the recordings stored in the SD and activating the privacy mode, among others.

Orange video surveillance for 3 euros per month

In order to access this new Orange service, you must be a client of one of the Love convergent rates, fiber only, mobile only or Internet in second residence by signing a new stay of 24 months with the rate you have contracted. The cost of the camcorder must be added to this rate. Payment can be made every month by adding 3 euros per month to the contracted rate or through a one-time payment of 79 euros. If you are not yet an Orange customer and you want to hire this service, it is a good time to take a look at Orange’s rate offer.

Connect it with Google and Amazon

Orange Smart Home allows you to associate smart devices with Google and Amazon services. In this way it is possible to view the Orange video surveillance camera on devices such as Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo with display. It is even possible to ask Alexa to show us the image that the camera is taking at that moment on our Echo Show device.

In addition, it is also compatible with other devices such as Muvit-iO smart bulbs and plugs that can be purchased through the carrier and are compatible with more than 25,000 connected home related devices.