Orange launches 10Gbps symmetric fiber for individuals and companies, first in five major cities

Orange launches 10Gbps symmetric fiber for individuals and companies, first in five major cities

The speed of fiber optics in Spain has started a clear period of ascent initially commanded by Digi, which already announced the arrival of 10Gbps at the beginning of this month of September, and now followed by Orange who has made the same announcement. The orange operator has already officially announced that its 10Gbps are starting in our country, although it will start in five large cities.

The operator has announced that it is launching into the pool of commercial 10Gbps networks for both private users and companies, and that it does so over XGSPON. Although it is projected that these 10Gbps of fiber optics reach all of Spain, for the moment the network is taking its first steps in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.

10Gbps, 5 cities

Orange announces its 10Gbps fiber network over XGSPON, thus taking the technology to its speed limit both upstream and downstream. Of course, to access this new network we will need to change the router that Orange puts at our address, one of the main impediments for the deployment to be more massive or faster.

The 10Gbps fiber that Orange has just announced will offer this speed symmetrically, both for uploads and downloads, and will be made available to both private users and companies. Orange has that with this fiber speed, and by combining its technology with WiFi 6, it will be possible to increase the performance of the internal equipment of the home both for teleworking and for playing online or watching 4K content on television.

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Orange’s new 10Gbps fiber will be sewn at Love Total Plus and Love Total Plus 4 rates for residential customers, and at Love Empresa 3 and 5 rates for freelancers and small businesses. Adopting this speed will mean an increase of 10 euros / month on the price of the same.

We will have to put this fiber to the test to see what real speeds it offers, then, let’s remember, In the 10Gbps offered by Digi, real 8Gbps is obtained, and it is expected that in the case of Orange it will be similar. We will wait for it to arrive to be able to squeeze it and tell you what performance it offers, but in the meantime we already have it among us.

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