Oppo Introduces First Variable Zoom Retractable Mobile Camera

Oppo Introduces First Variable Zoom Retractable Mobile Camera

Oppo has just introduced various devices and different technologies in China. One of the most important has been its first folding, which we talked about a few days ago. But he has not only had time to talk about devices, also about new technologies that will arrive sometime in the future. One of the most interesting is a Retractable telephoto sensor with 100% true zoom. Oppo wants to make the most of its technology from mobile camera and this could be one of the most important to have the best mobile zoom on the market.

Retractable camera with variable zoom, the best telephoto lens?

Depending on the manufacturer you choose to buy your smartphone you will meet with or without telephoto on the rear camera. Zoom has become indispensable for many users and Oppo he knows. Their new camera takes this technology a step further and embraces a certain trend for compact cameras.

His new telephoto sensor is retractable and it comes out of the back when you activate certain parts of the camera. This gives Oppo the ability to have a much further and quality real zoom. One of the problems with mobiles and zoom is their little space available, something that this retractable camera solves very well.

As we can see in the video the sensor comes out a few millimeters from the hump of the camera module, so it would have 3 or 4 times more space to play with lenses or distances that lol telephoto lenses conventional.

Is a characteristic which has been presented in a test terminal and has not yet been announced on any real device. Oppo does not usually joke about these things, so it is quite likely that this retractable camera appear sometime in 2022 on a real, commercial device.

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