The model we are talking about are the OPPO Enco X, an accessory that has a high quality of practically all the important sections (including in the design since they are finished in very resistant plastic and, in addition, they have silicone tips that fit perfectly to the ear of any user). Now on Amazon you can take advantage of a 31% discount to buy them -and without adding anything for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account-, so you can get them saving nothing more and nothing less than 55.01 euros. A great opportunity.

One of the good features that you are going to find in this product is that they have excellent autonomy, having a design similar to Apple’s AirPods. This is because inside the sheath transport that include -the same color as the headphones- there is a 535 mAh battery. This allows perform up to five helmet charges of which we speak without having to look for a plug for it, so that exceeding a day of use is always possible. By the way, we think it is very interesting to indicate that this is an accessory that allows the use of wireless charging, which avoids having to use any cable for it.

Good options in these OPPO helmets

An example of what we say is that this device is not lacking protection against water IP54. This means that if you go out wearing them and you get caught in a storm, you won’t have to worry about them getting wet and, in addition, this also ensures that if you decide to wear headphones when you do sports, sweat will not affect them in the least. inside or outside. In addition, it does not lack a microphone set high quality to these comprehensive headsets, this makes it possible to answer calls with high reliability and focus on conversations (making background noise virtually non-existent).

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Sound of this product

Apart from including drivers of more than five millimeters, which is perfectly combined with a use of frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz – which ensures that this is a model that is worth as much for listening to music as the effects. of the games you use with your phone-, if there is something for which the OPPO Enco X is striking, it is to include active noise cancellation, something that is very appreciated when you are looking at your side and you are in places where there is a lot of noise (or trains do not stop passing, for example).

OPPO Enco X e headphones in black color

Apart from all the virtues that we have discussed, it should also be noted that the compatibility offered by this product is excellent, since they use technology Bluetooth to communicate with the sound source and, therefore, any phone or tablet that you buy from those on the market will work without the slightest problem. If you add to all the aforementioned that the weight of each headset is 4.8 gramsIt is more than clear that this is a product that is very worth taking into account if you are going to buy new helmets.

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