Browsing the Internet from a smartwatch with Wear OS is not only possible, it can also be useful on more than one occasion. And it’s very easy to get with watch web browsers, like the latest Odd Browser: free, doesn’t take up too much storage and works very well when adapting the web to the smartwatch screen.

The capabilities of watches grew overwhelmingly with the popularization of watches. smartwatches, the intelligent variety that expands the basic functions based on applications. Some models are unable to install new apps, but Wear OS does offer that option. What do you want to expand the functions of your watch? You can do it, even in ways you couldn’t imagine. Yes, you can have a web browser on your wrist.

Odd Browser for Wear OS, a practical browser on your wrist

To go to a website, just open the phone and look for the installed browser: after entering the address or URL, you will enter the page. But What if you don’t have your phone handy? For example, if your smartwatch has a connection to mobile networks and you usually only leave the house with the watch: in those cases, an app like Odd Browser can be very useful.

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Recently created, and with the essentials to navigate from the smart watch, with Odd Browser you will have an open door to the web without the need to use your smartphone. Of course, with its logical drawbacks due to the small size of the screen.

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Web browsing by touch control, page size adapted to the width of the screen, option to choose the default search engine, Odd Browser allows you to listen to the audio of the pages in the background, it is based on Chromium and adapts to the needs of most Wear OS watches. It is quite fast and fluid, at least according to our tests (performed on a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4).

Wear Os Web Browser

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It is not that smart watches require a web browser, but it will surely be useful when the mobile is out of reach. Odd Browser is a great Wear OS app, though can make the watch warm due to the effort involved in rendering web pages. Also its use can lead to higher battery drain.

The watches are not designed to navigate the web, so such navigation is not as comfortable as on the mobile

Odd Browser is a free app, it does not have micropayments and it does not have ads (the webs can show them). It is available in the Google Play stores for Wear OS.

Odd Browser for Wear OS 🌎: Fast, Private & Secure

Odd Browser for Wear OS 🌎: Fast, Private & Secure

  • Developer: Nasai
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools