Open Banking Exchange plans to start operations in Chile

Open Banking Exchange plans to start operations in Chile

Open Banking Exchange (OBE) will now have its headquarters in Chile on January 20, the date on which the project will be launched in this part of Latin America, already having a presence in Colombia and Mexico.

It is an initiative of the Konsentus group, who using cutting-edge technology in the cloud allows open banking to be agile but also reliable.. The use of immutable data technology makes it possible to offer payment and verification solutions in a decentralized manner in open banking.

The press release indicates that the OBE program has been successful in Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the Ukraine. This expansion will have a summit on January 20 of this year in Chile, who will meet with the Regulatory Commission of the Financial Market, Transban, Global66, Floid and Betterfly who are banking and financial operators in Chile.

The OBE program aims to grow the achievements that open benches have obtained, while discussing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2022, and in the near future with the use and implementation of disruptive technologies. Part of the banking trends this year is precisely to diversify the services offered to its client portfolio in the safest way possible.

Open Banking Europe (OBE) is emerging as an innovative and efficient environment to achieve the perfect amalgamation between open and secure payment transactions at the same timeFor this reason, up to now it has had the support in several parts of the world, since it not only works with the financial operators involved but also has the support of regulators, self-regulatory organizations and national communities, allowing the advances that are achieve are firm and irreversible.

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In this way, Victor Rivera, the SVP of Open Banking Exchange declared: “We are working with regulators and the open finance communities in Colombia and Mexico to help accelerate their open finance programs and look forward to working with regulators and the community in Chile to drive innovation and advance open finance.”

Likewise, the General Director (John Broxis) of the Open Banking Exchange indicated that: “Promoting collaboration and best practices in open banking supports the work of regulators. We believe that the Open Banking Exchange has an important role to play in Chile with the development of the open finance ecosystem.”

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