One Punch Man’s Saitama Finally Admits He’s Not a Hero

One Punch Man’s Saitama Finally Admits He’s Not a Hero


Since the beginning of One-Punch Man, it has been evidenced powerful what Saitama is and how easy he is to destroy his enemies, all this thanks to his great force and resistance.

So strong is Saitama that he doesn’t seem to care who his opponent will be, as the result will always be the same.

Recently in the current One-Punch Man manga arc, it has been noted how Garou has been done with a immense power capable of equaling Saitama, which leaves us with the question of whether the famous bald hero for the first time would take a fight seriously.

the next post contains manga spoilers One-Punch Man #166.

Does Saitama have what it takes to be a Hero?

Saitama is forced to take things seriously

It has been evidenced in the most recent chapter of the One-Punch Man manga, that Saitama has stated that he does not has the necessary characteristics that make up a true hero since due to his carefree and careless attitude, he does not get to commit himself enough or take things seriously, always reaching afternoon to every battle, though. This carefree personality has finally caught up with Saitama that he was unable to save his best friend and disciple Genos, who was murdered by Garou for to provoke the fury of the bald hero.

In this way Saitama has realized that he has been a complete failure as a hero, admitting that lacks of one of the most important characteristics to be classified as a hero, which he himself defines as “the intuition of a hero”, which leads him to recall a conversation with his old friend where they talked about those qualities.

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This character, who always says or comments that he only saves the world because he has nothing better to do, declaring himself a “Hero by hobby”, regardless of being the most powerful of the entire association of heroes, has been punished for his carefree attitude.

With this, Saitama has found himself in the position of having to get serious in order to defeat Garou, and avenge his best friend Genos, which switch to the future of the bald hero forever.

Saitama vs. Garou: Who Will Win?

Saitama vs Garou, the time has come

Saitama vs Garou, the time has come

As seen in this latest episode, Garou has finish with the life of Genos, Saitama’s best friend, in order to provoke a reaction in him to show his true power, since as usual, this hero was not taking his opponent seriously, because throughout the fight he has let Garou pummel and attack him as he pleases, as he is aware that he has the stamina of a mountain and that Garou’s attacks would not cause serious damage.

However, with the new acquired transformation by the hero hunter, it has been proven that his power has risen in such a way that he is able to face Saitama himself, which could be a problem for our hero.

This outcome has made Saitama have to take the serious stuff, and prove your can.

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