One-Punch Man finally puts a worthy opponent to Saitama

One-Punch Man finally puts a worthy opponent to Saitama

It finally appears that One-Punch Man has given Saitama a fight that he can’t end with one punch with the newest chapter in the series, as while the main draw of the series is seeing how Saitama easily gets rid of many of the series’ monstrous foes over the course of his career that, so far, there have been a few occasions where the hero has been able to harness something resembling his strength.

But let’s be honest, he’s always dreamed of a fight where he could potentially break loose, and the climax of the saga Human Monster has given you this opportunity, as in the previous chapter of Viz Media’s official English release for One-Punch Man had completely rewritten what came before, as while the series originally Saitama and Garou would come to an understanding rather than fight in the previous chapter.

Now he started his fight at full speed since Garou now he has a god level of strength, so just as the newest chapter of the series showed, Garou has become so strong that he even has a Saitama struggling to find a suitable counterattack, One-Punch Man chapter 163 begins shortly after Garou unlocks a “Cosmic Fear Mode” which grants him the power of the divine entity that we have seen in the Monster Association Saga so far.

This evil entity quickly takes over Garou’s body and unleashes a series of attacks that even take Saitama by surprise, and has given nuclear power-ups to his punches, and can even copy Saitama’s moves entirely, as Saitama he ends up with his foot in the rear and noted that he even received a “scratch” in the process.

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It is clear that he is still far from beating Saitama, but at least this fight gives him the challenge that he really hoped for, but it is the closest thing to a worthy opponent that Saitama has had in the series to date, in fact, the nuclear explosions of Garou manage to overwhelm him before the chapter comes to an end, where the rest of the heroes will have to deal with this new Garou until he comes back to the fight, and Garou already took several hits from the hero, so now we will see yet plus Saitama’s inner strengths to overcome him.