One Piece Reveals Kaido’s Original Design

One Piece Reveals Kaido’s Original Design


Kaido is one of the most appreciated characters in One Piece, until very recently he was a yonko, an emperor of the sea, one of the most fearsome pirates in history. For this reason, when the original designs for this antagonist have been revealed, his fans have celebrated (and even lamented that we did not see this form in the final result). It is worth mentioning that, if you want to be aware of the saga, you can read it in MangaPlus by Shueisha.

Eiichiro Oda’s original designs for Kaido’s hybrid form they looked very different from what we ultimately saw in both the manga and anime, with the mangaka originally giving the Beast Pirate captain a long neck and a more dragon-like head that definitely combined his two forms into one:

In this Beast Pirate form, we see that Kaido could have had a more savage form that enhances his draconic side. Some of the comments on the social media post mention that they would have loved to see this form of the pirate instead of the one we had. The official version and within the canon of One Piece, is more inspired by the humanoid side of him and not all the fandom liked it.

Kaido earned his place as one of the greatest villains to ever be introduced throughout the One Piece Shonen series, with the Captain of the Beast Pirates holding Wano in the palm of his hand for years. The manga recently wrapped up the Wano War arc., and with it, creator Eiichiro Oda is releasing unused sketches that were originally planned for the series, with recent art giving us a glimpse of what Kaido’s hybrid dragon form might have looked like. And, truth be told, the result is somewhat impressive.

Kaido was one of the great villains of One Piece

As mentioned earlier, Eiichiro Oda is currently working on the final saga of One Piece, although the mangaka has not revealed exactly how many chapters the Shonen series has before it comes to an end. With Kaido being defeated by Luffy at the end of the War for Wano, it should be interesting to see if the Beast Pirate Captain will have a role to play or if his time in the series has come to an end after his big defeat.

Kaido’s hybrid form showed all the power that this pirate had in One Piece. One of the most powerful villains in the franchise.

Kaido was easily one of the strongest enemies, if not the strongest, that Monkey D. Luffy had to fight against in his quest to become King of the Pirates, and the Straw Hat Captain found himself losing once and for all. again against the Beast Pirate’s dragon form. During the battle of the War for Wano, Kaido revealed another ace up his sleeve. in which he was able to combine his human form with that of his massive dragon appearance, seemingly giving himself the best of both worlds. Fighting Luffy, Kaido’s strength helped the Straw Hat learn how to access his new transformation into Gear Fifth, setting the stage for the final arc of the Shonen series and revealing some big secrets when it comes to the fruit of the Dragon. monkey devil.

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One Piece has surprised its fans with the awakening of the devil fruits of its main antagonists, which has generated expectations around Kaido, possessor of a Zoan-type devil fruit. Unlike the other two types of Devil Fruits, the Zoan type comes in multiple variations. While the standard Zoan-type Devil Fruit grants its user the abilities of an existing animal, there are also elusive ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruits that grant those who eat them the powers of beasts that have become extinct, such as dinosaurs and mammoths. .

kaido devil fruit awakening one piece

Luffy possesses the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit, Model: Nika. Instead of turning into a giant version of himself, Luffy gained access to all the powers that the sun god Nika is said to possess., with his rubber skills getting stronger and much more cartoon-like. This allowed Luffy to have full control over how his body stretched, allowing him to apply cartoon physics and the properties of rubber to himself and those around him to defeat Kaido.

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