One Piece Reveals First Look At Ryokugyu’s Deadly Power

One Piece Reveals First Look At Ryokugyu’s Deadly Power

During the latest manga chapter of one piece continues to show the aftermath of the Wano arc, with the Straw Hat Pirates managing to defeat Kaido and his Beast Pirates, ushering in a new era for the isolated nation, that’s why with Eiichiro Oda who is now taking a break from the Shonen series to prepare for the final arc.

We have now been shown an important member of the army in the pages of the latest installment of the manga that runs Weekly Shōnen Jumpand shows how devastating their powers are as some of the Beast Pirates are on the receiving end of them.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!——>>>>>
If you haven’t read One Piece manga chapter 1053 yet, you should think twice if you want to continue reading this note.

And you will see, Ryokugyu in this chapter, he displays his devastating new power to some of the unlucky members of the Beast Pirates, including King and Queen, where he is apparently sapping their life energy through a series of tendrils that extend from his fingertips. .

Now, while we currently don’t know what devil fruit that admiral within the army ate to gain these abilities, Ryokugyu shows that his power is capable of incapacitating some of the strongest members of the crew of Kaido:

“I warned you not to test me, right? A guy in my position can’t go around getting beaten up by pirate minions! The Navy has no manpower available to send to clean up and you are just who I thought you were!” “.

So, throughout the Wano Arc, the military didn’t play as big of a role as many others in the battle between the Beast Pirates and the Straw Hats, although it looks like they will certainly have a presence within the Final Arc of the series. .

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But since Luffy is currently one of the most wanted pirates in the world, Ryokugyu confirms that he is looking to end Monkey’s current journey to become the king of pirates “taking his head”. Most likely, Luffy’s latest transformation, Gear Fifth, will work quite well in the final arc of the series.