One Piece card game launches app

One Piece card game launches app

News arrives from bandai namco and One Piece as they have joined forces to release an app designed to teach players how to play the anime’s upcoming card game, this app was released this week and teaches players the basics of the new card game, which introduces characters to the characters and elements typical of the anime series.

So far the app has three tutorial modes and each of which teaches different aspects of the game, this is the first time that the rules for the new One Piece Card Game are officially released in the United States and probably in Mexico and Latin America. , they have also released a preview of the card game one piecewhere the basic concepts of the game are shown in detail:

Now, in case you haven’t heard of it, this One Piece game, called One Piece Card Gamefocuses on trying to reduce your enemy’s “life” to zero by scoring successful attacks on the opponent’s Captain card, which remains in play permanently, so each player also has a “gift” covered, and if you wonder, what this gift contains, it is about cards, which were named after a distinctive sound effect of the manga series.

So now, players spend their “gift” of cards to play cards from their hand or equip their own gift of cards to cards in hand to temporarily increase their power, all of this spent directly from their gift, for later, these cards return to a special play area at the start of a player’s turn, so the amount of Don !! a player has access to boosts over time.

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So, One Piece Card Game will be released in Japan this month, but won’t be fully released in the US and America until December, still some hobby shops will receive “super pre-release” starter decks during the month of September and will feature tutorials for the game ahead of its full release in December.

The One Piece Card Game app will be available as a free app for iOS and Android devices, and according to plans, the One Piece card game will be released later this year.