With a day to be just in the middle of September, rumors have already started to emerge about the free PS Plus games heading into October. At least one of them. One theory suggests that Hell Let Loose, the multiplayer war shooter developed by Black Matter and published by Team 17, would be one of the next games for the PlayStation service.

This peculiar theory has its origin in Reddit, where one of its users has collected two pieces of evidence that, for him, could mean that Hell Let Loose is one of the free PS Plus games in October. The first one is that currently you can pre-order the game in the Xbox store, but not the PlayStation store. The second is that the beta of the game will only be available for PlayStation consoles, from September 16 to 20. A somewhat curious contradiction.

At the moment, there is nothing officially confirmed by either party. It could also be a coincidence, it is not the first time that this type of theories and leaks have failed. Last month there was speculation with The Medium about its arrival on PS5, but it turned out not to be true. In fact, none of the games leaked on that occasion ended up being part of the free PS Plus games for September. We will see this time what happens with Hell Let Loose.

In any case, if Hell Let Loose is confirmed as one of the free PS Plus juices in October, the two games that would be offered for PS4 would still be known, since this shooter will only be available for PS5. If not, Hell Let Loose can always be bought in the traditional way next October 5th, available for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, apart from PC, where it has been playable for a while.