The Dragon Ball saga is one of the most acclaimed of the last decade. And it is no wonder, its incredible battles full of action and chapters have marked the depths of our hearts.

And much of its popularity is due to the incredible community that makes it up, who regardless of age they are still attached to their adventures and recreate their favorite characters through crossovers, 3D art illustrations of characters like Vegeta or even imagine a design of Yamcha being powerful in an alternate universe.

However, this fan wanted to wear one of the Most amazing battles in Dragon Ball Z. The result will leave you stunned.

The moment where Cell felt the true terror embodied in the skin

The Reddit user mgdwreck and follower of the dragon ball saga, shared a very short video showing a tattoo done on his right arm and alluding to one of the most epic moments of Dragon Ball Z.

SSJ2 Teen Gohan and Cell Jr. added to my DBZ sleeve. Donate by @ gio.berserk in Dallas. desde dbz

Different elements are found in the engraving. In the foreground is the imposing Cell in its last transformation, in the background you can see Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 mode and finally Cell Jr is present.

Would you get a tattoo of this magnitude?

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